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Crazy Eye Makeup

Animal Print
Crazy Eye Makeup is a style that anticipate to be here to stay. So you would regard to be known as antiqued and out-of-date, make certain to try a few crazy themes are the eyes. The most impractical themes about the eye makeup. Exactly it is instead of more easygoing on the crazy make up ideas to implement. You merely require to choose crazy color themes and begin to blusher the covers with them. The compounding is generally used in that sense are yellow, orange, green and red. 

Animal Print
You can have a compounding of Crazy Eye Makeup with dotty themes that are seen. Merely pick out a base color of the effect that you intend to paint. This is also one of the animal print eye makeup in the fashion nowadays.
The Rainbow Look


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  1. the zebra print looks like a peel on, if that is what that is i wish they would have come out with that a long time ago. if thats just how you made the picture look then someone needs to make some cool stuff like that, my name is amber smith if you would like to give credit for an idea and my email is i had to use my roommates son's google account because i don't have one. i would like to know though if that is a peel on or not. thank you