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Q+A: Routine

Hey y'all! Heh, yeah, I've been gone a while. Something switched in me and I just had *no* energy, brain power, or motivation to blog for a while. I'm rested now and have begun life as a 22 year old, so my resolve is back and I'm going to do things right. Thank you for all your kind notes of concern while I was absent-- I've been pretty miserable for the last two weeks and they put a smile on my face. 

This is an outfit I wore last week when out on errands. We dropped my dad off at Hertz and went in search of a special kind of jewelry chain my sister needed for her booth at the Harvest Market. We ended up an hour and 15 minutes from home during tornado weather, but obviously we're fine and had a good time hanging out together. 

What is your daily routine?
Only in the last few months have I gotten a "routine" that is sorta-normal. I'm not happy with it, though, and really take one day at a time depending on where I am in the Lyme treatment cycle.
Wake: 7:30ish. Family worship at 8am. Quick breakfast and then sauna from 9-9:30. Detox treatment from 9:30-11:30, shower + dress, lunch at 12:30. If I'm feeling well, then I'll blog, study, research, reply to emails, handle Fresh Apparel stuff, go on a walk, run errands, occasionally clean the house, and/or manage FM's social networks until bedtime at 10:30, with a family dinner around 7. Otherwise, I'll watch movies, listen to podcasts and nap all afternoon, go for a drive, or take a walk. I feel so pathetic doing the second list, but that's my honest life right now. There are of course activities which are interjected in the routine, like hanging out with friends, having people over for dinner, going to Nashville, moments of cleaning inspiration, etc. :)

What are your thoughts on being the oldest "child" in your family?
Wow, excellent question! My thoughts are: It is a huge responsibility that I don't bear very well. It is difficult to set an example to my younger siblings, to model good behaviors, deal with the hard milestones first, and just generally be looked-up-to as a "leader". It is only in the last few years that I have realized the importance of my "position" and only in the last few months I've started taking it seriously. My family will probably laugh at this because I'm failing pretty hard. :P

Do you have any plans for the future?
Of course! But plans are subject to change. ;)

When do you have your daily devotional time?
I usually have it whenever I go on a walk or get a moment to sit outside. I have such deeper times with the Lord when I am outdoors.

What are your favorite books?
You can find some of my favorites on my sidebar, on my Amazon recommended list. :) But, the first ones that come to mind are the Anne of Green Gables series, the Millie Keith series, Hind's Feet on High Places, It's (Not That) Complicated, and Orthodoxy.

Looking back at my last Q+A post, I wore olive and this big brown purse, too! 
This skirt came from ThredUP and had a tag on it for $169 from Anthropologie! It's a nice skirt and all, but woo! Yay for second-hand.
I had about 10 minutes to get dressed that Monday morning, so I was so happy that this outfit came together. Plus, thanks to the CanCan Concealment holster, I was able to quickly slide on my thigh band and rush out the door without worrying about a belt and loose top.

// outfit details //
Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co, Target
Tank: Forever21
Skirt: Anthropologie: ThredUP
Boots: Ariat brand
Purse: Just Fab
Hat: Taken from my dad

I hope you all have been doing well and enjoying the glorious fall weather!

Have you had a new outfit that just "came together" in a flash lately?

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