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Review | Lime Ricki Swimwear!

Hey! I know it might seem like summer is coming to an end with all the talk about school starting back up, but at least for those of us in the South we still have another month and a half of swimming weather! Lime Ricki contacted me and asked about doing a swimsuit review and I said yes, of course, because they have adorable suits! 

But, by themselves, they don't fit my modesty standards. I want to show y'all that you can take a more conventional suit and make it modest with just some simple layering! Lime Ricki is awesome in that their suits are more modest than the standard bikini you can find at Walmart and they're a great option for those who can't sew their own suit. :) 

 So, to feel comfortable in this suit, I layered it with a Halftee and some Forever 21 leggings. By putting black under the suit, it makes the layering not such a huge statement and is more slimming and easier to care for than white or some other bright color would be.

I have known of Lime Ricki for several years now and have friends who love their suits, but I had never tried them out until this summer. I am very impressed! They are sooo well made and the spandex is nice and thick. The whole top is lined and has great built-in support. 

I know these pictures were taken in a creek, but I am confident this ensemble would hold up really well and be comfortable for more athletic swimmers, too. I do not feel "weighed down" in it at allll. :)

 I wasn't sure on the website how I would like the chevron/butterfly print/ gold mix that this suit has, but I LOVE it in person. It's adorable and quite chic. 

This tankini top and ruffle skirt are on sale at Lime Ricki! 

Oh, look, and they have a great little "fit guide" to help you find the most flattering top for your body type. Love that!

I hope this post encouraged you that sometimes being modest means being creative and simply finding a way to layer in a classy way. Thank you, Lime Ricki, for the adorable suit. 

Do you layer up at the pool? 

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