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What's Up | Fresh Modesty, Refreshed!

Hey y�all! Welcome to the new and improved Fresh Modesty Blog! There's all sorts of changes I�m so excited to finally share with you! I�ve gained some clarity on the purpose, vision, and practical aspects of Fresh Modesty that I�m so inspired to share as well, so let�s get started! 

First off, how do you like the new design/layout? As Fresh Modesty expands across the web and into Fresh Apparel, I wanted the brand to be clear and distinguishable across all the many platforms I�m now managing. For your convenience, here is a list of where you can get Fresh content. Click on the words to be taken to that page:
freshmodesty.comfreshmodesty.blogspot.com Map
I hope you follow on at least one of the many social media sites, but I would most especially appreciate if you would sign up for the email newsletter. Right now I am only sending one out every two weeks or so, but soon I will be moving towards emailing every blog post with sidebar highlights of what�s happening on social media and with Fresh Apparel so you don't miss a thing!

Take a look around the new menu pages, sidebar features, and sponsors and let me know what you think and if you find anything broken/whacky!

Speaking of sponsors, I would like to share why I�ve finally opened up to having ads on Fresh Modesty. Until this past year I had the mindset that FM is a ministry, so I shouldn�t be financially compensated for blogging. That is still my purpose for sure, but I realized that sponsorships/affiliate links are a win-win for the reader and blogger, not a sell-out. By working with companies who I trust and admire, I am able to share with you resources that you may not have taken notice of otherwise and at the same time I am blessed with additional income to further the kingdom. If you are concerned or curious about how I use these funds, feel free to contact me. If you would like to sponsor Fresh Modesty, please check out the new Sponsor page!

Would y�all like to hear about my fabulous new posting plan? For the last month or so I�ve felt totally scattered and like I had too many ideas, not enough time, and like I was throwing posts at you with no rhyme or reason. Sharing my outfits in a simple format is nice and according to the post ideas survey, y�all really like that, so it will continue. But I feel like there�s so much more I could be communicating all across the spectrum of topics! So, I have a plan to do just that and in an orderly way.

I present: The Fresh Modesty Posting Plan. The idea is that I will have about a dozen different types of posts and each type will come once a month. So, for example, here is what September�s schedule, Lord willing, will look like:

I�d like to give a short overview of what each type of post will contain and why I believe they will be an encouragement to you:

Awk+Awe | Casual Outfit � Awk+Awe is a great way for y �all to read a little bit about my life and the situations that I come across in day-to-day living and get some laughs. I�ve usually shared a casual outfit in these posts as well, so that will continue. Although I would love to do Awk+Awe more than once a month, it takes a lot more time than you would think, so I�m going to have to limit it during my current season of life and so I can focus on the other kinds of posts.

Church Outfit�Self-explanatory. In the past I have summarized sermon notes on these posts as well, but I don�t have 6-8 hours on Monday to devote to that anymore, so I�ll probably just chit-chat as I share. :)

Wardrobe Basics�When building (and continually refining) a modest wardrobe, it is greatly beneficial to take a step back and focus on the vital few instead of the trivial many, to borrow a phrase. So in this series I will be covering what I consider the most important items in a given category. For example, September will be Top 8 Skirts I recommend and in October we�ll cover the modest wardrobe�s Fall Essentials. I�m really excited about this series!

Friends of Fresh Modesty�Yes, it�s coming back! I have a lot of great submissions already and am looking forward to what else y�all will have for me to feature! I will probably share four outfits per post, per month. If you would like to submit an outfit to be featured, please click here to read the guidelines and new submission email address.

Sponsor Post�This will be a round-up of all the businesses and blogs that are sponsoring Fresh Modesty and will include any special promotions/sales that y�all might like to know about and possibly a review or two, so you�re not going to want to skip them!

Farm Outfit�or another type of active, working-hard ensemble. This could be more modest workout attire, what I threw on to chase cows, or what I was wearing when I got roped into a yard game. The intent is to show that modesty is applicable in all of life�s situations and not as hard as it can sometimes seem.

Month�s Favorites�So often lately I�ve been doing or using something and thought, �Wow, I love this so much! Wish I had a reason to blog about it.� Things like a new handcream, a podcast, a style of shirt, a new throwpillow, the joy of using a pen and paper� little bits of life and productive living that I think you will love as well.

Dressing Down Skirts�I started this series back in June with a very positive response. I know I for one have a lot of dressy skirts that are great, but there are only 52 Sundays a year, ya know? So this will focus on making your wardrobe pieces more multi-purpose with some creative pairing and accessories. This will stretch me in a good way, I think. :D

Let�s Talk�A series that simply shares what�s on my heart about something. These will be topics pertinent to young women like me who want to live deliberately and positively. I have so many issues I would like to chat with y�all about and I�m really excited to make this a regular thing as I work through life, just like you.

Concealed Carry Outfits�hehe, I have no idea what kind of response this type of post will get, but I know it�s a need I have so maybe others have it as well. :D This will be a series for the over 21 crowd, or over 18 if you live in Arizona. ;) I know a lot of women who would like to conceal carry a gun for safety, but are having trouble finding modest outfits and holsters that work with their build/petite frame and fashion sense. I�m currently working with T.Rex Arms to develop some super practical women�s holsters and solve some of the problems that we have as women trying to conceal. This series will include outfits with pants, so even if you aren�t looking to conceal hopefully you�ll gain some inspiration from the approach I take to wearing pants modestly.

How To | Make/Style/Solve a Problem�In the past, I�ve covered things like How to | Style a T-shirt, How To | Make a Swimsuit Modest, etc. This theme will continue and we will look into How To | buy jeans, shop for skirts on ThredUP, stay warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer, sleep stylishly, not look like a marshmallow from layers, and more! ;)

Reader Questions + Outfit�I get a LOT of questions from y�all on a bazillion different topics and I rarely get a chance to answer them. Hopefully by devoting some time to this each month I�ll be able to finally do that! I�ll break these text-heavy posts up with outfit photos, since that�s the whole reason y�all read anyway. ;)

Make-Up/Beauty/ Natural Living Tips�One of the most-requested post topics ever on Fresh Modesty, this series will most likely be very simple, but that�s the whole point of natural living, right? These may be video tutorials, product round-ups, make-up guides, and maybe even some health tips I�m really excited about.

So, that�s what�s coming to the FM Blog! I�m so excited to have a plan and I hope you approve! Structure is a beautiful part of life and the intent is that this will allow Fresh Modesty to thrive at its fullest potential. 

One of the new features of this blog I'm most excited about is the Inspiration Categories page. There you will find images you can click on to be taken to posts that are tagged in that category. Thankfully since the beginning of FM I've been pretty good about neatly organizing the posts, so you can click on an image and see some posts that, as a newer reader, you may not have seen before! 
This also means that if you're ever in a pinch and need some quick inspiration for, say, a casual occasion, you can pop onto that page and click to see some relevant outfit ideas.

ChurchCasualActiveHTML Map

I�m so anxious to hear y�alls thoughts on these updates! The more I think and pray, the more excited I get about the incredible gift you and I have been given -each other. I feel a huge burden to inspire young women to live lives of purpose for the glory of God and I am so thankful that you, my reader, are passionate about this as well. Y�all bless me so much and I hope you are encouraged by my attempts to communicate how we as women should be beautiful through and through. 

And finally, I've had lots of requests for blog buttons lately, so here are two that I would so appreciate you sharing:
Fresh Modesty
Fresh Modesty

Now, talk to me! Have you signed up for the newsletter? Do you like the new design? What are your thoughts on the posting plan? What are you most looking forward to? Other thoughts? Comments? Disappointments? Ideas? Thank you SO MUCH for reading Fresh Modesty. This is a joyous journey.

beauteous health

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