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Purple + Black

Hey y'all! I hope you are doing well. I am making excellent progress on the Fresh Apparel skirts! Shipped another 22 out today and have a few more to do before I leave for Columbus for the weekend. Here's what I wore to church last Lord's Day.

As I've been hemming, I've watched a ton of movies/ documentaries (mostly on Netflix). Here are a few of my favorites that are pretty (if not completely) clean: 

The Men Who Built America
The Rockefellers
The Identical (Redbox)
The Song (Redbox)
Gods and Generals
Letters to Juliet
Unconditional (Christian)
Ring the Bell (Christian)
Waiting For Forever
Tiny: A Story About Living Small
Scents and Sensibility
Me Again (Christian)

Here are two other ways I've styled this purple dress. You can click on the pictures to be taken to their original posts for accessories details. :) 

// outfit details //
Dress: thrift store $5
Halftee: long sleeved: $18 w/coupon
Hat: Sears
Boots: ThredUP: $27 credit
Bracelet: Charming Charlie $8
Necklace and earrings: Groupon $10
Belt: Thrift store?

Ah, I hear dinner is ready! Y'all have a wonderful, wonderful day.
Do you have a dress you can style several different ways?

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