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Review | HydroChic Swimwear

Hey y'all! Are you ready for swimming season or are you ready for swimming season?! I have three different swimsuits to share with you this week, each catering to a different style, price-range, modesty standard, and timetable. The first is from a company called HydroChic

Not only do they have cute styles, but they are great for you, too! Their fabric has "excellent" Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which means their suits are perfect for long hot days at the beach. You can click here for more information about the importance of sun protection. 

For this review I picked a combination from their 2015 collection, but they have a ton of different, stylish pieces that work for beach, bike, or even exercising. 

The fabric is comfortable and I love the fit and length of the skirt. It's hard to find a pre-made swim skirts with leggings that hit the knee, but HydroChic has several styles of knee length and longer. :) Annnnnd they have plus and children's sizes!

My top is Adventure Chic V Neck Short Sleeve Swim Shirt ($79) and complimentary sports bra paired with Aqua Terra Ruffle Swim Skirt ($79).

So, if sun protection, style, and modesty are important to you (or you're just looking for a super practical exercise skirt) check out HydroChic.

Have a great day y'all! I'm hoping to actually go paddling around in these canoes today and not just take pictures by them. ;)

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