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Summer of Dresses | Bridal Shower #1

Happy Tuesday! If you follow me on Facebook, you may have read that I played dress-up in my closet last Thursday to plan out the dresses I would wear to the eight wedding-related events I have on the calendar the next three weeks. This past Lord's Day we attended a bridal shower for our friend, Renee. She has the loveliest things on her registry! It all matched and is going to look so cute in the renovated Air-stream camper she and her husband will live in as they build their apartment. 

As soon as we saw that she had this fox-shaped cookie jar on her list, we had to get it!

Since the shower was in the afternoon after church, I chose a dress I could wear to both. For services, I wore this Antonio Melani with heels, a jacket, and a black hat, and for the shower I removed the hat and jacket and swapped to black pleather flip flops. I got a lot of compliments on the dress, so I guess it worked well! 

I might have curled or straightened my hair if I had time, but as it was I only started getting ready as my family was leaving for the prayer service, since I hadn't been feeling well. Instead, I blasted it with cold air from my hair dryer to smooth and make it shine. Still made it there only 5 minutes late, though! 

(These pictures don't reflect that smooth-- forgot to take pictures Sunday and had to take these Monday morning, so my hair is a mess.)

// outfit details //
Jacket: Handmedown
Pearl Set: Gift 

These shoes are so comfortable! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful rest of your day. What sort of outfit do you usually wear to a bridal shower?

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