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Awk+Awe | White Jeans

Hey y'all! It's finally time for Awk+Awe!! These posts are a lot of fun to write (although it takes me a while to try to remember my week!) and I love the chance to share the not-so-glamorous side of my life, as well as the blessings I'm thankful for. Alright, let's get started!

  • Using a gift card to order whisks, wall hooks, and hair color. Just seemed very adult.
  • Being a fashion blogger but hardly getting dressed before noon most days.
  • When your sister brings up in normal conversation the summer you shaved your eyebrows almost completely off... like, can we just forget that?
  • Getting an email saying you should do a post on how to emulate Leonardo DiCaprio's style. O.o
  • Being super duper psyched to earn $12 in UP+ Rewards at Rite Aid... and nobody you told caring about it.
  • Needing to go to the regional UPS distribution office to mail a package for Fresh Apparel and after asking directions, getting kinda lost, and discovering the skating rink, you arrive at the office.... and it turns out to be a trailer in a gravel parking lot. Just so typically classy for our area.
  • Deciding to say goodbye to your childhood hobby- pretending you were an interior designer- and instead of just throwing the materials you used away, you figure it would be so much more final to burn them. It looked awfully dramatic to be taking pictures of things and then throwing them sadly into the burn barrel.
  • The really random stuff you find yourself carrying between your house and your guest house, which is a couple hundred feet down the road. Chicken Pad Thai, pie crust, rolling pin, sewing supplies, pudding cups, heavy packages, bowls of noodles... basically a lot of food.
  • Driving 9 hours round-trip to buy a Sunlighten infrared sauna from someone on Craigslist and bringing it home in a pig trailer with old mattresses as padding. We earned our redneck card that day.
  • Taking outfit pictures outside a cigar shop, where they have a crowded sitting area right inside the great big window.
  • When you're too tired to talk but are in a situation where you need to be friendly and bubbly.
  • Eating spaghetti in a group. Slurp slurp.
  • Annoying people by talking about something too much because you're just so excited about it.
  • When you're stalking someone on Facebook but your app crashes and you have to decide if it's worth finding where you were again or if you should just stop being nosy.
  • Your car door breaking so to keep it closed you have to use a ratchet strap looped around the handle and then attached (across your lap) to the parking break. And it has to be undone every time you stop to do an errand.

  • This quote: "Live by design, not by default."
  • Finally placing the purchase order with L.C.King to make the Errand #17 skirts!
  • Attending the Remembering WWII event in Linden, TN! My, oh wow, was it done well! Most folks were in costume, the reenactment was such fun to watch (and powerful to think about), and the music provided by the Boyer Family Singers was incredible! 
  • When your friends from one group and your friends from a different group end up together and you all have a fabulous time and nobody wants to call it a night. 
  • Being inspired by your hard-working church family to keep going when you feel like quitting. It's been such a rough season for me health-wise but seeing friends push through their struggles as well is so humbling. 
  • That ThredUP is having their Semi-Annual sale! I ordered some things last night and it said, "You just saved $1,174!" O.o It ends tonight. 
  • Meeting a couple Fresh Modesty readers in Linden. <3
  • The Morning & Evening app. It is Spurgeon's devotional book in a super easy-to-keep-up-with app. It's blessed me so much. 
  • Friends who joyfully come over and do your dishes, mop your floors, and clean the bathroom when things are out of control. 
  • My new laptop! I finally broke down and bought a really nice computer so that I'm able to do FM/FA wherever I need to. You'd think I'd be able to keep up with my posting schedule...
  • That two of the three pregnant women in our church are my age/younger. 
  • Chicken pot pie. 
  • This article about how it feels to have a chronic illness. The article's author has Lupus, but it feels just like this to have Lyme Disease. I'm behind in blogging because honestly, I run out of spoons just doing things like showering and fixing lunch. 
  • Working with a farmer the other night and noticing he was wearing Pointer Brand overalls. They looked well-used and I'm sure the Errand #17 skirts will be just as durable, coming from the same factory!
  • Suds By The Sea! They mailed me some soaps and lip balm several months ago and I've been using it all ever since! Totally addicted to their Orange Cream Lip Balm. Awesome prices to boot. 

I know, I'm posting yet another outfit with jeans. I wore this when I took my siblings out to Franklin for errands a few weeks ago. We decided to go last minute, so I had to throw on something easy, CC friendly (gun's on my hip), that covered most of my legs since I hadn't gotten to shower... thus, my fall-back tunic look. :) 
// outfit details //
Tunic: ThredUp?
Jeans: ThredUP
Flip Flops: Sears
Purse: JustFab
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor
Earrings: Walmart

Thank you all so much for all the comments on last week's make-up post! Now, I am so ready to hear what's been awkward and awesome about your week/month! 

beauteous health

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