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How To Choose A Flattering Coat

Hey y'all! I hope you are staying warm and safe! Last week I shared 3 Tips on Staying Warm + Looking Cute. That outfit didn't have a coat as part of the ensemble and unfortunately sometimes coats are a necessity. Today I'd like to show how the length of a coat can make a big difference in how flattering or frumpy your outfit looks. 

The principle is a very standard one: definition. My mustard coat stops at my hip line, allowing the skirt's length to get it's full effect of making me look taller due to eyeline travel. The black coat stops much farther down, cutting me off at an awkward spot. 

In our family, coats were always the thing you invested in once every 4 years or if you grew out of your old one. I was usually tired of my coat by the end of the first season (and it was always black. boring.). Then, I realized you can find coats on sale or at thrift stores (Or ThredUP) and have a lot more fun with them. I got this mustard one for about $20, instead of investing $70 (on sale) like my mom did for the black one.

Does the black coat look terrible? No. But it certainly doesn't add anything to my overall appearance and I don't feel very put-together. 

I do like to keep two coat lengths, though. Right now I only have this mustard one because I haven't found the perfect long coat, but I'm on the look-out. ;) Another thing to look for is how the arms fit-- the slimmer the arms the slimmer you look! 

When to wear a "shorter" coat:

  • With long skirts
  • With tea-length skirts
  • With knee-length skirts
  • With certain jeans-and-tunic looks
  • With long dresses

When to wear a "longer" coat:

  • With knee-length skirts
  • With pants
  • With knee-length dresses

// outfit details //
Underneath shirt: Fresh Apparel Denim Company
Stud earrings: Groupon: $10

Definition is a simple concept, but one that makes a big difference. :) What's your coat look like? Is it longer or shorter? Do you like how it looks with your outfits? Have a great day!


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