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2014 Appearance Goals | How I Did

Hey y'all! Happy New Year! As is becoming tradition here on Fresh Modesty, it's time to review how I did in the previous year accomplishing my "appearance" goals. Frankly, by about May I've forgotten completely about them, but the new habits formed in the first few months of the year sometimes continue and progress towards these ends is made. So let's see how I did! 
(Caution: embarrassing honesty ahead)

Here's a link to the full post, "2014 Appearance Goals".
And if you're really curious, here's "2013 Appearance Goals

"I didn't (don't?) know how to say, 'I have enough' when I see cute clothes!"
All year, it seemed like I was saying "no" and curbing my clothing/shoes spending a lot, but I still managed to spend about $470 over the whole year, $120 more than I was hoping. Granted, I made some big purchases like cowboy boots ($162) and rainboots ($40) and forgot to cancel my JustFab membership several months ($39.99/month) which really added up. In general, I feel like at least when it came to clothes, I made fewer impulse buys. I did hardly any thrift-store shopping, though, due to time constraints and just not needing any more clothes. I never did start paying in cash like I was hoping to. :P I'd say I made a little progress towards my goal, but not enough.

One reason I felt like I needed to buy so new many clothes this past year [2013] was that most of the clothes I already had were starting to look worn and old. I'm afraid I sped that aging process up by leaving clothes wadded in baskets and laying on the floor most of the time. 

I believe my sisters and I have made leaps and bounds in this area, but only in the last few months. We had so many clothes that we physically could not fit them all tidily into the closet, which made it hard to take care of them. After half a dozen or more "deep cleanings" we fiiiiinally have a manageable amount and are doing much better at keeping things hung up instead of wadded up. I did dry clean several dresses this year and was glad I did since they've continued to last.

"I have decided it's a good way to be purposeful about the clothing I buy and not just going for the Pantone color of the year or what catches my eye."

I pretty much failed miserably at trying to follow my color season. I did try to buy more of colors I know look good on me (blue, mustard, black, teal, etc) but didn't follow my season at all. I don't know enough about it to have the system memorized and I don't think it's quite as simple as websites make it out to be. I still think it would be good to have this knowledge, I'm just not sure how to go about committing it all to memory so I can practice it. 

"I want to diversify my wardrobe by mixing different elements of texture in it. Sequins, leathers, denims, knits, furs, cottons, silks, tweeds. etc. " 

Honestly, I forgot about this goal. I didn't wear knit with knit at all, but other than that I never made a deliberate effort to experiment with textures. I finally obtained a cashmere sweater which was a bucket-lister for me, though. Since I'd never tried out the genre of athletic-wear before, you might consider my introduction to that world an experiment in textures since it definitely has it's own "feel", but otherwise nope, didn't happen. :P

"Proper nail grooming is something that no matter how the rest of you looks, it always raises your level of class."

I did amazing (for me) at this! I don't know what changed, whether it was my extreme consumption of spinach or my deliberate effort to drink more water and rub more coconut oil on my skin, but my nails were strong and nice looking for a good portion of the year! In November I did some outside work and my nails are still recovering from that, but otherwise I've been pleased with their state. I painted my fingernails a bit more often in 2014 than I did in 2013 (just because it's fun), so that may have helped with their strength, too. Having struggled with ugly nails ever since I can remember, it's brought me a lot of cheer to have that little bit of me feel really nice. :) 

All in all, I made some progress in refining some areas of my appearance + habits. Seeing the ways I failed is getting me motivated to try harder in 2015 to be responsible and deliberate. I'll share this year's goals when I have them ironed out, but for now, I'd love to know-- how did you do with your appearance goals in 2014?

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