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Awk+Awe | My Mom!

Hey y'all! Hope you've had a lovely week. My mother kindly agreed to let me share her outfit with y'all today! I have gotten requests for fashion inspiration for those who may not be in the same stage of life as I am currently, so I thought you might like to see my beautiful mom! 

  • Cooking bacon in your hotel room and everyone who walks past asking about the glorious smell. :P
  • Laughing so hard you can't finish your sentence when it really wasn't funny at all. 
  • The 8 minute period of time when your coffee finally kicks in but before it mellows out. Without fail you end up dancing and singing uncontrollably for those few moments. 
  • Having to get up in the middle of Bible study to take allergy medicine because it's spring AND they have cats. 
  • Texting who you thought was your friend inviting them to dinner, but instead texting their old number. When the new owner texts back about the mix-up, you get to talking about what you had for dinner and end up sending them a roll recipe, not having any clue who this new person is. :P 
  • Involuntarily screaming every time you hear someone squash a bug. Makes you cringe.
  • Your pattern maker's shippers getting mixed up! I got a roll of children's patterns back instead of my skirt pattern! Sooo yet another little delay while I wait for the actual pattern to arrive. ;)
  • How many times a day you shower in allergy season. There might have been a day this week I showered every 6 hours. :P 
  • Losing your cooking skills. My sister has been in charge of making breakfast and dinner for the last year or two, so when her lymes medicine put her in bed with nausea starting last week (did I mention 6/8 of us are now dealing with it?), I had to take over cooking again. FINALLY meals are starting to get better, but it's been a funky learning curve as I practice. I've always thought I was a fine enough cook, but apparently not. :P 
  • Not being able to decide which pair of silver shoes you like better online, so you order them both. 
  • When there's so much you want to talk about with someone that you don't know where to start. 
  • Using candy shooters to pelt candy into your friends' mouths. 
  • Receiving a hot pad in my bag of "goodies" from the bank when I opened Fresh Apparel's bank account (!!!). 

  • The response to yesterday's post, the introduction to the Let's Talk series. Things keep going through my head to share with y'all. 
  • This quote: "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." - E. B. White
  • Whole hog roasts! Our neighbors are awesome and built themselves a pig roaster and then raised a pig and cooked it for our whole church! It was a gorgeous day with lovely fellowship and could not have been yummier BBQ. 
  • Getting back into running a little bit. I don't take my energy level for granted anymore. 
  • Being able to lay in bed and look up quotes on my phone. Google's given me so many gems this week. Just love carefully chosen words. Like this, "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."~ Albert Einstein
  • Potato planting parties at our friends' farm! Love feeling the freshly tilled dirt between my toes and getting a sunburn! 
  • My little brother loving his new clothes from thredUP so much that he wore all 4 shirts at the same time...
  • Scrolling through Pinterest laughing at jokes. 
  • Mayonnaise. Seriously, I love that stuff.
  • Spending all of Sunday afternoon and evening exhausted from the powerful, incredible sermon your pastor preached during the morning. 
  • Being blessed by friendships with people from different walks of life who can give different perspectives and encouragement to you. Never underestimate the power of simply asking someone, "You doing alright?" with sincerity. Caring eye contact is an amazing thing. 

Doesn't my mom look lovely? This is just an outfit she put on for wearing around the house today. This skirt is one of her favorites and she gets compliments on it from complete strangers all the time! 
//outfit details//
Top: Ann Taylor: ThredUP
Tank: Forever21: $1.80
Skirt: Handmedown
Shoes: Gift
Earrings: Droplette

I hope y'all have a blessed day! What's been Awk+Awe about your week?


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