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Spring Wardrobe | Inspiration

Hey y'all! The greening grass outside has me excited for Spring! As you go through your wardrobe and figure out what has seen better days and what needs added, it's important to start with a finished "product" in mind so you can know where you're headed. I used the "Inspiration Catagory-- Spring" on the menu above to help pick some of my favorite ensembles I've shared on Fresh Modesty in the past. I'll include some comments to myself about each of these looks, just so you can get a feel for how I'm analyzing them. 

Left: Obedience in Spring Colors-- That pink and green and leather combo is so fresh! I love how easy that skirt is to wear... it's getting worn though, maybe I can make a new one? 
Right: Review: Halftee-- Springtime here is super muddy, so remember to incorporate rainboots into your wardrobe. Need to get a new casual black skirt like that. 

Left: Mercies Anew-- Again, loved that skirt.The cardigan is worn-through, maybe find something similar to replace it? Wonder if I still have nice brown sandals... 
Right: Muddy-- Need to make myself a long denim skirt with belt-loops that's distressed. Something more casual than the Errand #17. Love the simplicity of that olive t-shirt... need to buy some more. 

Left: Peacock-- LOVE the simple, no-fuss cotton skirt that just fits. Should look for/make some more of those. That shirt is waaaay out of style. 
Right: 80*-- Loved that yellow skirt, but only got to wear it basically twice because it just attracted dirt/stains so well. Long easy denim skirts are perfect for all year, though. 

Left: Black + Pink + Denim-- Piiiiiiink stripes, yes! Need to actually wear my pink striped shirts more often, since it's a fun, flattering color on me. Again with the long denim skirt. 
Right: Saving Faith in Cornflower + Print-- This skirt is the bomb dot com. I've worn it out, though... need to look for a new staple skirt to replace it. 

Here are two blasts from the past! Posted right here on Fresh Modesty over 6 years ago.
Top: Spring Styles-- I was on the right track with texture-mixing. I love the monochromatic look, too. I still wear those accessories occasionally. ;)
Bottom: Shopping Outfit--Although I looked like a librarian, I love the bow belt and pink button-up. 

Now that I remember some of the things that look fine on me for spring, let's see what inspiration Pinterest can provide: 

Although blue, white, and yellow are the main on-trend colors this spring, I'm still partial to the coral and pink hues.
 Left: I love the look of the colored maxi skirt with a leather belt! Although I don't wear blazers, I like the layering here. 
Right: looooooving the scallop trend. Need to make myself one of these skirts to wear with flouffy tops. 

 Left: Colored/ printed capris are on my radar, and I love the idea of keeping jeans feminine and fun like that.
Right: Super simple tunics are on my to-sew list and I love the style of this one. Would look great with those pants. ;)

So, now that I have a general idea of the "feel" and type of wardrobe I'd like to cultivate, next comes going through what I already have and weeding out the good from the bad! Where are some places you're looking for inspiration from this spring?

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